Frequently asked questions:

1)  How many competitors can we enter?

Each Federation may enter up to a maximum of three competitors of any physical ability for the PreO competition in the Open class, a maximum of three eligible competitors for the PreO competition in the Paralympic class and a maximum of four competitors for the TempO competition (IOF rules 6.6). Current World Champions may be entered by their Federations in their respective classes in addition to the normal maximum provided they are members of the Federation’s team.

2) If we have larger number of competitors can they enter public event? 

Yes, you can enter as many competitors as you want to the public event. There is a regular entry fee for them. See the page Public competitions

3) Public event will have courses the same as WTOC event?

Yes, start of the public event will be after WTOC event on the same course.

4) How far is Zagreb airport from hotel Aristos and how far is hotel I?

Hotel Aristos  is 5 minutes of driving from the airport building, and hotel I about 15-20 minutes. Hotel Aristos can provide you transport from the airport if you request it (price is about 10€).

5) Are we allowed to book the same Hotels for families and public competition competitors?

Yes, you can book the same hotels (Hotel Aristos and Hotel I).  

6) Do we have to book our accommodation directly with hotels or is it enough to put number of competitors in preliminary entry form?

Yes, you have to book your accommodation directly with Hotels via e-mail. Organizer is not responsible for booking. See the page with Accommodation 

7) Can we use the same accommodation for ECTO competitions as for WTOC?

Yes, you can book your accommodation also for ECTO. You will need about 40-60 minutes of driving mostly on highway to the competitions.

8) Where will be the team leaders meetings?

All meetings will be in competition center in hotel Aristos.

9) How far is competition center in hotel Aristos from Hotel I?

Hotel I is about 15 minutes of driving from hotel Aristos

10) Are the relays separate for Open and Para, or are they mixed? If mixed, can we still have 3 Open competitors in the relay, or at least one Para is required?

As relay is still not official Event you can enter competitors how you want...3 open, 3 para, mixed relay... as you wish.

  • OK VihorOrienteering club "Vihor"
  • HOSCroatian Orienteering Federation
  • IOFInternational Orienteering Federation