Organizers report

Organizers report is usually given to IOF and Event advisers but we took some time to gather all information regarding organization of WTOC 2015 and we will give it to all who are interested in it.

This report has been made to give you a good overview of what has been done, how was it done and what we suggest to do in the future. We hope that this report will give future organizers some guideline how to make some things better or what to improve, were to be careful or just to copy things which were good and improve the ones which were not so good.

We hope that we managed to organize WTOC 2015 on highest possible level and that you were all satisfied.

You can download pdf. version here - (17,863KB)IOF REPORT - finalno_Page_001

  • OK VihorOrienteering club "Vihor"
  • HOSCroatian Orienteering Federation
  • IOFInternational Orienteering Federation