Public Competitions

On weekend just before the Championships, there will be public TrailO competition organized by Orienteering Club “Međimurje” near the city of Varaždin, 90 km north of Zagreb.

Open public event will be held during WTOC on the WTOC courses, on the same days, after the official WTOC programme. The whole event includes one TempO competition (WTOC Qualifications), two PreO competitions  (WTOC Day 1 + Day 2) and two model events.

Tuesday  23.06. - Model event 1
Wednesday  24.06. - Pre-O – day 1
Thursday  25.06. - TempO 
Friday 26.06. - Model event 2
Saturday  27.06. - Pre-O – day 2

Sunday  28.06. Relay event (unofficial – separate entry)

Entry fees are 15 EUR per competition, 5 EUR per model event or 40 EUR for the whole event.

For all juniors (born 1995 and later) entry fees are 3 EUR per competition/model or 10 EUR for the whole event.
Final entries to be made by June 1, 2015.
Probably limited number of late entries will be accepted on site, but that is question of availability.

Entries can be made via e-mail or via OrienteeringOnline system of entries - entry

  • OK VihorOrienteering club "Vihor"
  • HOSCroatian Orienteering Federation
  • IOFInternational Orienteering Federation